Earlier, I dropped a quickie post on my outrageous electric bill.  The update: great news!  The L-Dub (Lake Worth) people misread our meter.  That’s like, looking at “encyclopedia” and saying, “cat.”  Just wrong.  Anywho, we have since received a “Corrected Bill” that is more than 50% lower.  Now I can eat steak.  (But I won’t, but not because I don’t like it.  I love it.)

In fact, some L-Dubians came to our house and performed an entire energy audit.  They shut off our power and analyzed the electrical output and cost to run of everything – A/C, heater, pool pump, fridge ….  They also gave us a goodie bag (Yaaay!  Free shit!  Love it!) – low-flow shower head, some faucet aerators, insulation things for behind outlets and such, a reusable bag ….  Pretty nice free service, huh?  Score 1 point for the City.