Between the two of us, we have only two or three bills automatically withdraw.  Why don’t I have more?  Case in point, yesterday we received our electric/water bill.  $412.62. Are you kidding me?  I almost cried, but then remembered I was a robot and don’t leak emotions so easily.  So I laughed.  Ahhh, Lake Worth.  You really know how to show new residents a crazy time; a little B&E and now $412.62.  Obviously, this is an error.  Either that, or my cats are electricity sucking ninjas.

Lake Worth is supposedly sending someone to our lovely pile of bricks to take a look at our meter.  And, JP has already scheduled a third party to come and do an electricity audit of some sort at our casa.

In any event, I had to do a quick post in an effort to share this craziness.  Lesson for today: always check your bills.