Where to start?

Well, I just (literally, just, like two minutes ago) stumbled on the blog Eating The Road and found this chart hysterical.  I guess I like eating gravel.

My hood is popping up with new businesses, too.  That’s gotta be a good sign, at least for Lake Worth.  First, a new tattoo shop on Dixie and Dartmouth.  Sol Ink, I think.  Or, 561 Ink?  Graffiti is awesome, but sometimes hard to read.  A new food joint on Dixie and Gregory looks about ready to open its doors as well – Darbster?  I’ve been watching the construction progress every morning on my way to work.  Should be interesting.

Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Yaaaay!!  Can’t get enough mashed potatoes.  And sweet potatoes!  My heart breaks for people who don’t eat carbs — they’re so glorious.  I’m still in the air about what I’m going to make this year.  Last year I made a stab at apple pie; this year, I’m thinking maybe something along the savory line ….