English major or not, you should be offended by bad grammar.  I know, I know, everyone is not an Akeelah or a Grammar Girl.  And, please, I love a good typo, slang word or old fashioned Americanism (bizarro, shitload, douche bag) as much as the next person.  I drove by a restaurant advertising a “$5 Cuban Sandwish” the other day.  But, come on, a little good grammar goes a loooong way! 

We live in a world of texts and 140-character thoughts, so it’s not out-of-this-world that we would want to think of ways to speed things up and shorten them.  To be honest, I barely copy edit myself when I write this bloggity-blog.  (I should.  But, I don’t (always).)

In any event, I hope my nephews grow up knowing that tomorrow isn’t 2mrw (or whatever they’re using these days!); you has two other letters beside U; and there are more ways than 😉 to express emotion.

Here are a few grammatical pet peeves of mine, what are yours?

1. your/you’re.  Is it yours?  I hope you’re happy with the answer.

2. their/they’re/there.  They’re over there with their children. 

3. toward(s)/backward(s).  No s.  It’s not technically wrong, and I’m sure there are people who fight for the s, but not me.  Not here.  Of course, if you move to the UK or AU, by all means…take that s and run with it.  

4. redundancy.  I know I’m redundant in writing in several, if not all, of my posts.  However, I’m a fan of brevity in writing.  There shouldn’t be two twins (unless there are 4 babies total!  And, if that’s the case, run!).  You don’t need to make advance reservations.

There are many more, but I don’t want to get into a lesson here.  Teacher, I am not.  I’ll leave that to the certified. 

But, if you want to laugh at the grammar misfortunes of others, click here.