So, this weekend I thought it would be a grand idea for us to walk to downtown Lake Worth.  I figured it was about 1-1 1/2 miles, so not a far walk.  Besides, why not be environmentally friendly, get some exercise, see the town by foot.  It’s one thing to drive through a neighborhood, and it’s another to walk it.  You get to see all the cracks that aren’t filled in with fire hydrants and landscaping.  It’s nice.  One should know which lots reek of urine (human?  animal?), which have boarded up houses and which ones are voting for who.  Yes, JP and I got to figure all this out on our…30+-minute walk.  I was a bit wrong in my destination distance estimate, I admit.  But, it gave way to uber thirstiness by the time we reached Lake Avenue!  Anywho, at least we got to burn some calories before we consumed them!  

Topic switch!  On the way home tonight, I grabbed some fennel at the local market.  I’ve always wanted to try this at home, so score.  The raw fennel smelled like black licorice straight up; too bad I’m not a fan of black licorice.  In any event, I had faith that the grilling process would change that.  And it did.  Just a little s&p and some olive oil plus a little grill heat…tasty goodness.  The result was a little celery, but much more mellow, and with better texture 🙂