Last night, I came home to new music.  Yesss! The band: Zeep.  The album: People & Things.  They’re a duo with roots in Brasil and Germany, and their sound is a little Brazilian, a bit tropical and a tad sweet.  Listening to the album, I want to drink sangria or smoke out of a hookah.  The upside of being with someone for 12 years: They can buy you an album after hearing one song and know you’ll like it – and you do.  Happy, happy; joy, joy.

Moving on to more important things, I dislike automatic flushing toilets.  I’m all for not spreading germs, particularly those from public bathrooms, but they just make me feel lazy.  I’m all for tv remote controls and microwaves, but come on! I can flush a toilet.  And, they’ll flush at the hint of a breeze.  I don’t like to sit on a flushing toilet, do you? 

In other news, I’m still keen on exploring our new hood.  We went downtown LW earlier this week and stopped by The Taco Lady.  Ah, nothing like a freakin’ good wet burrito.  And we got to sample their homemade hardshell tacos…yum to the o.  I don’t dislike chain restaurants, but let me tell you it definitely beat Moe’s.  Sure, we were served on a paper plate and had plastic cutlery and there were only 3 tables in the place, but we got to chat with locals and eat good, cheap food!  Speaking of food, desserts specifically, I got my Monkey on and picked up some gloroious rasberry and pistachio French macarons.  Yes, I shared.  If you’ve never had a French-style mac, I highly recommend doing it.

Happy Friday the 13th!