As I type this, I’m on hold with AT&T.  In fact, this phone call is crossing the 20-minute-and-4-representatives mark.  First, it was Kaia at AT&T U-verse; then Pen or Penny at AT&T wireless; Jeneanne was next; and now I have Ashley on the line.  Oh, it’s really a party up in here; Melinda’s just joined us on the line.  That’s five.  Five people to go through for a simple task – I want to bundle my wireless and cable/internet services on one bill.  One company, one bill.  Sounds simple, but apparently, if you’re AT&T, it is not.   

I was sort of gung-ho about AT&T’s cable/internet service mainly because they don’t make you sign a freakin’ contract (*cough*Comcast*cough!).  Secondly, I don’t know techie stuff, but I heard the ‘fiber optics’ thing is good.  Plus, we have our mobile service with them.  So here we are now.  More specifically, here we are on hold.  Looks like I’ve now passed the 35-minute mark. 

Why do we put up with this shiz?  The Fed says our economy is on the mend, but with service like this, I don’t see how.  I feel the total of opposite of wanting to buy something right now.  Instead, I feel compelled to sell everything and move to a remote island.  Like Bouvet.  

In any event, I’ll stop boring you with my customer service bitching.  Instead, enjoy this picture of Mr. Hyde Herbert Pace in his Halloween “chicken head” costume.  Totally unhappy.  We  love him!