Not having a computer or cable really  makes one feel … behind!  Behind on news.  Behind on goss.  Just a general 2000-and-late feeling.  Cable isn’t as much missed as my computer, though.  I was going through some pictures last night, and then I was sad thinking about all the other pictures I had … on my computer 😦  Oh well.  Maybe some things are better left just in memory.  No physical evidence to challenge a thought.  ohhhh

In other news, JP and I finally finished Season 1 of Lost.  Without cable, we’ve been heading to the library for all of our viewing pleasures.  I’m not sure why we picked Lost; probably because Disc 1 for Season 1 was in stock.  Had to start somewhere, right?  And I’m glad to see Matthew Fox in a successful series; I was a Party of Five fan.  What’s more, I like watching all the scenes that are supposed to be taking place in Australia.  The light switches aren’t like that in Australia.  They Sydney Harbor doesn’t look like that! 

Taking so much time between posts isn’t good.  There are a hundred things I wanted to say, and in the end, I talk about tv shows and … mint ice cream.  That’s the color we painted one of the bedrooms this weekend.  Adios, Purple Room!  Bedroom #2 was smeared with Harbor Aqua.  My mom even came down to help us with the painting party, which was awesome!  We were able to knock out both rooms in a day.  We’ll have to go back and do some touching up – and to paint the trim – but it’s great to see new colors on the wall.