I was reading Mangopunch’s blog, and since I’m wanting to blog yet at a loss of words, I’m totally stealing her post idea on letting you all in on a few randoms:

*I love meeting other people who don’t eat anything they swim with.

*Just watched my first episode of Lost (the pilot, of course) the other night.  If the “thing” is a dinosaur, I’m done.

*Realizing I own far too many black shirts. 

*Had our laptop stolen.  Along with years and years of pictures :(***

*I really, really like rice.   

*JP used “LOL” the other day.  LOL.

*I don’t bother to update my “status” on social networks.

*Wishes texting while driving was illegal in Florida. 

*Wondering why AT&T can’t get a tech to my casa to install U-Verse (cable and internet) until October!?

*Think it’s a teeny bit sweet when JP wants me to walk on the ‘inside’ (away from the street) of the road/sidewalk.

*Pulling weeds is kind of therapeutic.

*Had my first conference call to catch up with friends.  Why didn’t we think of this before?  I’m so 2000-and late. 

*Tried Sprite Zero; it is inferior to Sprite.

*Admires crafty people.  As in those who sew, knit, paint, etc.