Day 1: New house, yaaay!

Day 2: New house got broken into, booo!

Seriously.  Who cleaned the shitter out on our parade?  Not a nice way to welcome us to the hood, Lake Worth.  Ahh, but I don’t take it personally.  Some people step in poo wearing Christian Louboutian shoes, some get their house broken into.  Tomato, tomatoe.

And the Palm Beach Sheriff’s department has been lovely about the situation.  The officer that responded was friendly and professional, and the next day JP received a follow-up phone call from the detective working the case – plus, she sent an email to introduce herself to me.  Unexpected, but welcome. 

At least we didn’t have a very smart thief – the damage could have been worse.  Nonetheless, we are now sans computer, awesome underwater digi cam and a wedding band 😦  What’s more, Mr. Hyde is super stressed (not to mention the other Mr.).  New location.  Burglary.  Greeeeaat.

Tears for fears, though, no way!  This weekend, I’m just going to sit and stare at our awesome pool, cypress wood (I think) ceilings, and wonder what color to repaint the “purple room.”