We had the pleasure of checking out Q. Tarantino’s latest film, Inglourious Basterds.  And by pleasure, I mean 153 minutes that included smart and funny dialogue, Brad Pitt, drinking games, the girl from the National Treasure movies, shoot ’em ups, and an incredible performance by Austrain-born Christoph Waltz – just to name a few things that kept my attention.  In fact, I didn’t look at my watch phone once.  Cheers to Tarantino!!  And what’s more, I took my mom to see this movie!!  Despite the Nazi-scalping and multiple f-bombs being dropped, I think she liked it 😉 

In other news, I saw this picture of Jon Gosselin and had to post it:

I can’t even type what I really think when I see this, but I think it rhymes with ‘drool.’  Hahahaha!