1. Bachelorette parties.  While I love any opportunity that unites friends and alcohol, I’m not quite sure about the bachelorette party yet.  Unless you are royalty, i.e. Queen of England or such, I’m not quite sure the tiara goes with any outfit.  However, kudos to the ladies who get their monkey on to ensure a phallic-shaped cake is part of the party.

2. Dry entertaining.  I heard this term recently, and honestly, I wasn’t sure what it meant.  Entertaining out of the pool vs. in the pool?  Entertaining with a dry sense of humor?  When I found out it was meant to mean ‘alcohol-free’ entertaining, well, I figured there’s another one to add to the oxymoron list.  Jumbo shrimp, indeed.

3. Mac vs. PC.  This debate is surely going down in the books next to “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”  I’ve been having Mac issues, particularly with Entourage, at work the past couple of days.  And, it just makes me want to run home to my Dell.