What a find this weekend!  Don’t you love it when you find something cool that’s practically in your backyard!?

JP and I were going to check out Blowing Rocks Preserve, but when I called my brother – C1 – to see if he and the fam wanted to join, he suggested Coral Cove Park instead.  Just south of Blowing Rocks (and north of the Jupiter Inlet), Coral Cove Park is a two-acre artificial reef and a great place to get our snorkel on!  The reef started practically at the shoreline; ankle-deep and you’re already stepping on reef.  The water clarity was pretty good, and the fish were everywhere.  Parrot fish, puffer fish, sea urchins…the scenery was great!

Have I mentioned today how awesome our underwater camera is?!  Check out the underwater video we got along with some other pics on our Flickr page 🙂

Thanks for the recommendation, C1!!