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There was a time when liquor and I, well, were broken up.  There were a few short-term breaks here and there, but we managed to stay friendly throughout the college years.  Then, one day I decided to just cut out liquor drinks completely.  On occasion – a friend’s birthday, a hen’s party, Saturday night – I would force down half a shot.  But otherwise, no more Captain and Cokes.  Adios Red Bull & vodka.  Sayonara chocloate martini. 

And, like lightening strikes, I suddenly craved a margarita!  On the rocks.  With salt.  If you’re buying 😉  Was it the salt?  The lime?  Or…the tequila!?  I never really cared for tequila before – and I still don’t think I do.  In any event, I don’t know where the craving came from, but the combination certainly is heavenly today.

So, I’m about 55 minutes early typing this, but here’s to National Tequila Day – July 24.  Cheers to the Margarita; the Tequila Sunrise; the Long Island Ice Tea; the Tequila Mockingbird…. 


You know those moments in life when you realize, Shit, I am an adult now.  And, trying to buy a house is definitely one of them.  I’ve always proclaimed to be a Renter-for-Life; it’s just easier.  The toilet breaks.  Call the landlord.  See a bug?  Call the landlord.  Air con not working.  Call the landlord.  You get what I’m saying.  Renting allows you to stave off a bit of responsibility for awhile. 

Ahh, but then reality thumps you in the arse.  Reality says, “Girrrl, get out of your apartment!” [yes, my reality says “girrrl” and is slightly ghetto] and then it reminds me, “That dog next door is crazy and annoying!”

Then I try to comeback with, “But I can walk to Publix and the Library!”

Reality always wins, though.  Thus, Justin and I started the process of looking for a house about a month ago.  What an eye opener.  I’ve come to better understand just how the housing market got to be in the shitter.  Fraud and foreclosure are buzzwords.  Short sale signs are everywhere.  It’s a jungle out there!  And that $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time homebuyers?  I think a round of double dutch might be easier.   

But, alas! we stumbled upon a little foreclosure casa around the first of the month.  We walked in and our realtor said, “I hope you brought your checkbook!”  We signed a contract that day.

About a week later, we got the verbal OK on the sale from the bank 🙂  We started gathering paperwork and money like chipmunks that stumbled upon a pile of acorns.  However, apparently the bank was having “tech problems with their software” and couldn’t “produce the addendum just yet.”  I don’t know if this is standard bank bullshiz and translated is “We are slow.”  In any event, in the meantime, the bank did take care of cleaning and acid washing the pool (yes! a pool!).  And they pressure cleaned the driveway as it was a violation the house had from the city.  Finally, about 3 weeks later (that is, this Tuesday), we finally received the long-awaited addendum. 

Are you exhausted yet?  Because I am.  This is stressful, albeit exciting.  But, stressful.  It’s a huge purchase.  We’re not talking splitting up CD collections anymore.  This is the stuff of grown folks!  Are we ready for this?!  Do we even really like South Florida that much?  Would we raise a kid here?  Will our cat like the new place?  All of these questions have no answers yet.  But, so goes the process in buying a house.  

I’ll keep you posted!  Fingers crossed!

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