It’s true.  We’re addicted to music.  And, I love when we get to see it LIVE. 


We headed South to Revolution a couple of weeks ago to tune into some sweet reggae plus some.  Opening acts were local faves The Resolvers as well as Zaki Ibrahim who belted out neo-soul, which was a nice surprise.  But, the main course was Mishka and he sounded as sweet and melodic as he does on our stereo at home!

This weekend we stayed closer to home stopping by Respectables Street Cafe on Clematis.  (Clematis was in full effect as O’Sheas closed the street down to celebrate their 15th Anniversary!)  Respectables was bringing in some local talent, Spread the Dub, who did a great dub rendition of Men at Work’s The Land Down Under 😉  And, the main talent was reggae master – straight from Jamaica – Yellowman.  It’s funny, you watch the opening act, then you watch the main – and there’s no denying why the order is the way it is.  There’s no denying a professional!