Now that summer’s rolling in, I’m sure most of you are heading somewhere on vacation (or at least planning or wishing for a vacation).  And vacation usually means a night (or 2, or 3…) in a hotel.  I love staying in hotels.  The black out curtains.  The super cold AC (well, that’s more for JP).  Knowing you’re someplace other than home.  In fact, I’m still thinking about the awesome sheets/bed at a hotel we stayed at in San Francisco.  There was also the Jupiter Beach Resort where we had our wedding – super cute amenities to take home.  

I found this article from Travel +Leisure on quite amusing – Is it OK to steal hotel amenities?  It said that most places actually want you to take home their goodies.  It makes sense.  You arrive at Cute Bed & Breakfast.  Take home Cute Bed & Breakfast soap and lotions.  Use those soap & lotions at home a couple of weeks later, then think of Cute Bed & Breakfast again.  

What do you take from hotels??


On another note, has anyone else noticed the rise in mentions of Australia on US television lately?  Seriously.  Andrew Zimmerman and his balls-tongue-eye-eating self went to Australia.  The former Girls Next Door star, Bridget Marquardt, opened her new show with a trip Down Under visiting Bondi and the Gold Coast among other places.  Just this morning, Good Morning America had some guy on talking about Australia’s deadliest creatures.  

I think it’s a sign.  Must.  Go.  Back.  Soon.