This week was kind of busy.  Not my favorite cup of tea, but good for me once in awhile 😉  On Thursday, I ventured on a mini-road trip with BOTH my brothers.  We went to Tampa for the day to visit with my parents (who were there for a short two-day trip), and we enjoyed some sights around downtown Tampa.  (I love downtowns.)  And, while six hours in a car isn’t the most fun one can have, it was great to spend time with my brothers.  As siblings, you grow up and grow apart – life gets busy, no diggity – and I can’t remember the last time it was just the three of us.  Anywho, it was nice.  

Along comes the weekend, then, and it was filled with great music and some surprises.  We headed to SunFest on Friday night to see Slightly Stoopid and Pepper – two of JP’s fave bands.  They were really good live!  You know, after all my years of living in South Florida, I finally made my way to this annual event.  Another plus was the booth giving away free CDs – free CDs!?  Love it.  

This weekend was a 10 in terms of weather – the sun was perfectly pitched, the temps were comfy, and the sky a searing blue.  Saturday we checked out the festivities surrounding SunFest again, then headed to the pool.  With Captain Sailor Jerry in hand, it made for a great afternoon. 


Come Sunday, it was a great repeat of drinks, pool, sun – this time, though, we added my cousin JK to the mix.  She was down visiting from FSU, so that was a nice surprise.  I didn’t grow up with a lot of extended family around, so it’s always nice to catch up.  The night ended with our Big Sunday Dinner, which included homemade mashed potatoes.  Yum-o!  I love me a potato…especially one with butter and milk.

(And, yes, I’m alive E and I’m calling you back…xo.)