It was so awesome to sleep in on Saturday morning.  No more green market.  Not that I didn’t like doing it, but I definitely like sleeping past 7am much better!  And this weekend was a good one.  For one, my bro CK2 is in town from Portland.  Second, I got to attend one of my nephew’s baseball games.  On Saturday night, I got to hit up Downtown West Palm Beach with JP and my bros and sis!  First, we stopped by a cool little warehouse at 443 Flamingo Street for a Summer Clothing Line Release party.  The event was for Cotton King Inc, but they also showcased Arks Sandals, Traffic Criminal clothing and Pink Boy Blue Girl clothing (see pic) – and this line is the main reason we attended; one of the founders works with my bro CK1.  The place was a warehouse that normally hosts the likes of art shows and such.  After that, we went to Clematis Street to Dr. Feelgoods, Monarchy and Respectables.  I will not be posting those pics here 😉  Anywho, it was great to hang out with everyone.