While I’m not the most adventurous eater, I’m trying.  I’ve really expanded my palette over the last decade.  I had my first sub (Subway!) my freshman year of college.  (What a disaster…standing in line at UF’s hub, staring at the menu, quickly asked my friend what she was getting, finally ordered a sub that was basically just bread + meat…so sad.)  Then, suddenly started loving onions when I was about 24.  Welcomed cheese around the same time.  Ordered my own sushi roll at 28 (veg).  All these baby steps!  

And, I think I’m continuing to make strides.  Being with JP has certainly helped improve my willingness to try new foods.  Living in Australia also really made me stretch to new limits.  And now, working for a chef…well, all I’m saying is that I’m trying.  I still love the basics: black beans and rice, ramen noodles, hamburgers + fries.  But, at least now I can say, “I’ve had that!” to a few more things.  Grilled fennel.  A bite of veal cheeks.  Spoonfuls of quinoa. 

french macsToday, I was given a great little treat from my pastry chef friend, The Sugar Monkey – french macarons.  You must immediately seek these out if you have never tried one.  I heart coconut, so I’ve always been a fan of coconut macaroons (yes, two Os versus just one in the french); the globs of gooey coconut.  But, this…this is a whole new world.  My infatuation is odd because I wouldn’t really say I have a sweet tooth, or that I’m a dessert person.  But, these I dig.  If heaven were edible, it would taste like a french macaron.  I’m certain of it.  The french macs consist of two pillows – actually, a french pastry made of ground almonds, egg whites and icing sugar – that sandwich a filling of choice.  With these macs, the texture of the pastry pillows and filling and fresh rasberries was incredible!