I love when it’s a Sunday night and I’m thinking to myself, “What a good weekend.” 


Went to Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa and enjoyed an awesome (and my very 1st) massage as part of my birthday present from JP.  Totally a great idea!  Then, headed up to Guanabana’s for dinner with the fam.  This place is so South Florida, and it’s awesome.


Although I had to work the Green Market in the morning, the rest of the day included some R&R at the beach with friends; playing in local art; and yummy craft beer at GREASE on Clematis Street.  They serve up a great turkey burger and sweet potato fries, oh, and did I mention awesome beers like Delirium (from Belgium) and Allagash White Ale (brewed in Portland, Maine)?


I love Sundays because they usually include a homemade brekkie by JP, and today was no exception.  To follow up, we had muy bien food at La Bamba to celebrate CK1’s birthday.  In order to burn off all the rice and beans, we decided to go on a bike ride.  We rambled our way through downtown and found ourselves biking around the historic neighborhood Grandview Heights.