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All my years of living in South Florida, and I have never attended SunFest.  Apparently, the event started back in the 80s and today, it’s still a hotly anticipated West Palm Beach event.  If not for the musical mayhem, then perhaps for the 3 Captain Morgan Floating Oasis bars.  Music waahhh? 

Debauchery aside, the event starts tonight and ends on Sunday.  This year’s musical lineup is full of…well, I’ll let you decide.  Just to name a few, there is: 311, James Taylor, Citizen Cope, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, David Cook, UB40, Steve Miller Band, G. Love & Special Sauce….  The list goes on.  In any event, should be entertaining.  At least it will be after we hit up the Captain 😉 

How’s my food photography coming along?!  (I just take the pics, this guy does all the cooking!)

fresh fava beans

homemade pasta

muesli bars

What are you hungry for??

It was so awesome to sleep in on Saturday morning.  No more green market.  Not that I didn’t like doing it, but I definitely like sleeping past 7am much better!  And this weekend was a good one.  For one, my bro CK2 is in town from Portland.  Second, I got to attend one of my nephew’s baseball games.  On Saturday night, I got to hit up Downtown West Palm Beach with JP and my bros and sis!  First, we stopped by a cool little warehouse at 443 Flamingo Street for a Summer Clothing Line Release party.  The event was for Cotton King Inc, but they also showcased Arks Sandals, Traffic Criminal clothing and Pink Boy Blue Girl clothing (see pic) – and this line is the main reason we attended; one of the founders works with my bro CK1.  The place was a warehouse that normally hosts the likes of art shows and such.  After that, we went to Clematis Street to Dr. Feelgoods, Monarchy and Respectables.  I will not be posting those pics here 😉  Anywho, it was great to hang out with everyone.  

In addition to trying to gain some blogger’s focus, I’m thinking I should get back to reading more.  I love to read…and as you can see from our bookshelf, reading interests run the gamut in the Pace household.  We’ve actually read those books on our shelf, too.  Well, ok, most of them – Steal This Urine Test I found that at a Goodwill store, and the cover made me laugh so hard that I had to own it (see for yourself here).  Some are in the process of being read – The Shipping News and In the Time of Madness.  Others are for reference – The St. Martin’s Handbook and What’s Your Poo Telling You?   

In college, we manage to make time to do all these required readings, and then it seems we fall off the book wagon as we get jobs and start families only to jump back on once we’ve retired.  Why is that?    

What’s on your bookshelf?

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