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When you can’t find cookies, all you want to do is get your hands on some cookies, right!? 

A friend of mine was recently laid off, and I stumbled on trying to find the right words of consolation.  “It’s ok.  Basic cable doesn’t suck that much.”  “You like to cook, right?  Do you know how many dishes you can make with Ramen noodles?!”  “Change is a good thing, particularly if it includes dollar bills.”  I mean, really, there’s nothing I could tell her that she hasn’t heard before.  Although I may not have been able to find the right words to make her feel any better, at least I hope I said something to make her smile for a second. 

In any event, losing a job/not being able to find a job is sucky.  And for those in that situation, I thought I’d provide some humorous if not anything else websites & news stories to check out:

Unemploymentality – sent to me by my friend RB.  I wish I had thought to turn my unemployment into a sarcastic, funny blog.  

Top 10 holiday tips for the unemployed – because when you have no income, travelling seems the best thing to do.  Duh.

Unemployment Haiku Weekly – these haikus definitely aren’t about sunsets and butterflies.

Stuff Unemployed People Like – I like things with lists, sorry.

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