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There is a lot going on these days.  A lot.  On top of the general business of life & work, we’re supposed to make time to blog, tweet, post and update all of these social networking sites that have become….well, everywhere!  I admit, I have MySpace and Facebook pages, and I find the posts and updates on people’s pages to be amusing – getting nails done, having tea, enjoying the day off work, so sleepy….  And, Twitter – I can’t really go there because I don’t have an account and have never left a “tweet.”  However, Twitter has been all the buzz lately.  I heard one comment in favor of Twitter because it encouraged tight, edited & well thought out writing.  Really?  Going to college does that, too.  And so does taking a writing course or two.  Or, you could read William K. Zinsser’s On Writing Well.  (One of the best books I was forced to buy while in college, and yes, it’s still on my bookshelf.)  But, I guess those things aren’t newsworthy or very cool. 

Why are we so obsessed with knowing…everything all the time?!  And, it’s not just the kids doin’ it!  Marketers of social media sites, pat yourself on the back.  You’ve managed to rope in all demographics – from 17 to 70, it seems everybody’s online somewhere.  


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