I could be doing laundry.  (No, JP does that.)  I could be working out.  (Well, I did take the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment.)  I could do some dishes.  (My coffee cup can wait in the sink 10 more minutes.)  I could return a phone call.  (I’m working on that….)

Time really does fly.  But, I ask, where does it go?  Does it go to the Time Bank (the one bank that doesn’t need a ginormous loan from the government)?  We’re all busy to some degree.  Personally, though, I don’t think mine is a very high degree.  I work all day, sure.  Then what?  Like I said, I could be at the gym with JP (he tries to motivate my arse, really he does), but instead I walked in the door, chose Regina Spektor to listen to on the stereo & wondered why she hasn’t released a new CD lately, ate some leftover white rice & black beans (mi favorito), balanced my finances, and now, I’m writing this post.  Sometimes I throw the “I’ve just been so busy lately” out there, but then I wonder what it is that I’ve really been so busy with.  I don’t saturate myself with a crazy social schedule.  In fact, I totally don’t consider myself very social at all and I love to sit on my couch in my favorite hoodie watching tv.  (Granted, this has been lessened by the fact that I have 10 channels, and we have sweet new bicycles!) 

On the other hand, maybe it’s good to have time to burn.  Why do we always have to be busy, doing something?  I think it’s sad that people’s attention spans are decreasing.  We are bombarded by emails, texts, mobile phones, tv…we have no time to think.  To observe.  To be quiet.  All this ‘noise’ can’t be good for us.  What happened to the joy in watching a beautiful sunset?  A gorgeous blue sky with perfect clouds?  

I know that doing nothing isn’t good for us, but what about all the good things we miss by trying to do everything?!  I’m thinking I should look into sailing lessons.  I should like to see myself on a boat with JP, traveling the open waters and seeing the world.  Cracking one coconut after another. 

Anywho, so that’s what’s going on in my head right now.