Dear Bad Drivers of South Florida,

I know the blue skies, tank top temperatures and palm trees can be distracting as you drive around South Florida.  So, a few notes you might want to take down:

1. That little lever to the left of your steering wheel, that’s for your blinker – use it.

2. Pay attention to the speed limit.  When the sign says 55, it doesn’t stand for the average age of drivers on the road.  Really.  It doesn’t. 

3. Is it imperative that you send a text right now?  I dnt thnk so

4. When it rains, riding the brake doesn’t help – try your windshield wipers. 

5. The left lane is for PASSING.  Not checking out the billboards on that side of the road. 

6. It’s not your fault if you’re lost.  But, it is your fault if you cruise at 15 mph looking at every sign while making everyone else slam on their brakes and bypass you.

7. Changing lanes should not be a 45-second ordeal.  Think Nike and just do it.