When you think beach, what comes to your mind?  Sun, swimming, volleyball, tanning, frisbee.  Well, if you’re in Palm Beach, you won’t be doing any of that last one mentioned!  “Sorry, you can’t play frisbee in the guarded zones of the beach,” is what the lifeguard said to us this weekend.  Blasphemy!  No alcohol – I understand.  No firearms – totally get that.  But, no frisbee?!  You know, we never got the boot for playing frisbee on any other beach – East Coast, West Coast, Australia! 

Ugh, so that was a downer this weekend.  The upside of this story is that the weather was beach weather!  While the majority of the U.S. is trying to stay warm, here we are in South Florida sunbathing and frolicking on the beach.  I really shouldn’t complain about a beach rule here or there 😉


Ahhh, Palm Beach!