Our new residence is on Clematis Street.  And, when asked by Big Herb (aka Grandpa) how to say Clematis, our response was “kleh-MAT-is.”  To which he responded, “Are you sure it’s not ‘KLEM-uh-tis’?” 

Well, in my late-night (er, early morning..it’s 4am right now!) Google forays, I have discovered Big H was correct.  Sort of.  We’re both right, actually.  Clematis is of the botanical nature, which makes sense now that I think about it – other streets in downtown West Palm include Banyan, Datura, Evernia, Fern, Rosemary, Olive.  With a bit more research, I found out that when Henry Morrison Flagler first arrived in West Palm Beach, he considered it a paradise and named the streets after native plants. 

Well, you say t’MAY-toh, I say t’MAH-toh!