I wish we had 366 days in the year.  We could have January 1/2 followed by January 1.  That way, we can have the 1/2 day to fully recover from whatever shenanigans we engaged in on New Year’s Eve.  And, we would have one day to not work out or eat right, and we could still feel like we started the New Year off on the right foot. 

In other words, I want a ‘mulligan’ on New Year’s day.  Then, I could forgive myself for only seeing a very small part of the A.M., eating at Cheeburger Cheeburger, watching Bachelor Party on Comedy Central followed by Van Wilder, and closing my night with KFC and Corona in a can.  If I were in college, this would be a totally acceptable schedule of events; in fact, it would be just another day, maybe Monday, maybe Saturday, whatev.  However, since I am clearly not in college anymore, I have to take these turn of events and yell, “DO OVER!”

Regardless of how my first few days of 2009 go, I do have some resolutions (I use this term like shoelaces on a 5-year old – loosely).  I am anticipating just trying to be a good person.  It’s easier said than done, right?  Of course.  But, I want that to be the general idea of 2009.  Just be good.  A good wife.  A good friend.  A good person, in general.  There’s always room for improvement. 

In addition to the character improvement, I have some travel goals for 2009.  Actually, there are some things I really want to do before my 30th birthday (so, 2009, 2010…my calendar is very open).  The order is there is no order:

1. Cruise

2. Chicago

3. Vegas

4. Ski trip

5. NY

What are your resolutions for 2009?  Well, if anyone’s interested in #1-5, you know where to find me 🙂 

Happy New Year to you all!!!


New Year’s Eve 2008