So, we have like 13 channels right now; one of which is the Travel Channel (yes!). 

Between loving/hating Anthony Bourdain and wishing I had Samantha Brown’s job, I’m quite amused by Man V. Food.  Have you seen this show?  The host, Adam Richman, travels around in search of…well, I’m not quite sure.  But, he always manages to find a food challenge of some sorts.  You know, eat the “hottest wings” or the “biggest burger” type of deals, and then you get a Polaroid of yourself on a wall or a free meal – not to mention some degree of heart burn I’m sure.

Have you ever participated in a food challenge?    

Anywho, I really need to either A) stop watching tv altogether (virtually impossible, my tv is too awesome to ignore), or B) get more channels.  I miss the Food Network.