So, we’ve recently moved.  (Surprised?  Really, you shouldn’t be.  If you’re someone keeping tabs on our address, be sure to jot ours down in pencil!)  In any event, we’ve moved to a land where bums and beamers exist side by side.  Where Range Rovers are trite and store mannequins have C-cup boobs.  Where they spend money to make it *snow* for 10 minutes every night during the holiday season.  Did someone say there’s an economic crisis?  Fortunately (or not), that memo seems to be in limited circulation here in Palm Beach county. 

West Palm Beach is quite nice so far.  Well, all things considered.  And, one being we just moved here, so the new factor is still playing in our favor.  In fact, this is what I love most about a new place (living, visiting…whatever!) – the newness.  Bumping around town, I get excited by things I’m sure most of the locals are pissing about.  The bums.  The decrepit, empty buildings downtown.  The bars.  The traffic.  The usual stuff, you know. 

Another thing about West Palm Beach is that, well, it’s South Florida.  Here we are, almost half-way through December, and my super-nifty alarm clock is telling me that it’s a comfy 76 degrees outside (the clock doesn’t actually say ‘comfy’…that’s just editorial fodder).  Glorious.  I can still walk around in my flip flops, yet I’m free of the horrid summer humidity.  This is the reason I moved back to Florida.  Sure, there are still tons of things that make me want to leave, but I can’t deny that fabulous weather that is Florida!