Of course, the usual good stuff: fantastic family, a hunky hubbo, fabo friends.

But, I am also thankful for…MADONNA!  Steph & I conquered yet another Madonna concert in Miami, the Sticky & Sweet 2008 tour!!  Wooo-hooo!!  Really, who else puts on a show that includes everything from jump roping to violins.  And joining Madonna last night on stage were two very special guests – Timberland and Pharrell!  Oh, and her opening act, oldie but goodie, DJ Paul Oakenfold!  Whew!  Only Madonna can pack a stadium on Thanksgiving eve!!! 

Now, onto TURKEY!  Love this holiday!!  Do nothing but eat?  I’m in, way in.  And, I’m attempting my first apple pie this year.  It’s surely not winning any awards based on beauty, but…..we’ll see how it tastes 😉  Should be a fabulous low-key Thanksgiving this year at Mom K’s. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!