You know what I miss most about our little road trip out West?  The wide open sky.  The never-ending blue with clouds as far as the eye could see.  Or, the amazing oranges and reds that could make your heart skip a beat.  Even better, at night, the deep black broken up by diamond-like stars.  Joshua Tree National Park, oh my gosh, the most amazing star-sighting I’ve ever experienced.

(Grand Canyon, sunset)    

I was driving home today as it was approaching sunset, I was heading westbound, and the sky was churnning out these great pinks and reds.  But, instead of enjoying the view, it was blocked by a skyline of telephone poles, traffic lights and palm trees.  (OK, the palm trees weren’t so bad!)  It just made me sad.  I guess traffic makes most people sad.  Or mad.  Or both.  It made me wish I were surrounded instead by wide open spaces that were beautiful enough for Ansel Adams to snap a picture.  Come to think of it, I was looking through an Ansel Adams photography book during lunch today…I guess that’s what got me thinking about nature – and the unnecessary number of human inventions cluttering it. 

Anywho, just some rambling tonight; a tidbit so that you all don’t miss me too much.    

What did you think about on your drive today??