I think I’ve said it before, but in case it was just a thought in my head and not something I actually verbalized, here it goes: before you say “I do,” ask “Where to?”  (I totally just thought that up!  Cute, huh?  I love when I think up something nifty like that, especially if it rhymes!  Haha!)  And, my idea is reiterated in Time’s article The True Couple’s Travel Test.

I know having a significant other has its ups and downs.  The dating, the committing, the moving in together, the breaking up, then the getting back together.  It’s in these moments that you really learn about yourself – and your partner.  You know, the little things.  Like, after JP and I moved in together, I discovered that we both like the toilet paper to hang OVER the roll, not under (yes, that’s a big deal).  Add up all those little “toilet paper” moments, and you really begin to understand a person. 

Toilet paper aside, there’s nothing like traveling with your significant other.  Sometimes it takes, let’s say, a major traffic jam in a city neither of you have been to while driving a car neither of you has much experience driving to really bring out the…er, beauty or beast? in someone.  Traveling is a time where you can also learn about the hidden gems of a person.  Like, the ability to read a map and give spot on directions, or the know-how to calm your nerves after your car breaks down on the highway.  

You know, without having gone to Australia, I know JP and I would still be standing, but with Australia, we’re just standing a bit taller.  That goes to say for every roadtrip/vaca we go on. 

Sometimes traveling is because you need a break, but other times it can be because you need to reunite.  Whatever the test may be for or who it’s with (partner, friend), it’s a good one to take – regardless of the results.