Driving through Tennessee and Georgia last week was awesome in that we got to see tons of miles of trees adorned with red, yellow and orange leaves.  In Florida, the only difference between summer and winter is about 10 degrees and a relative degree of humidity.  In any event, it made me think of other changes.  One being, my last name.  Two months married, and I still haven’t done this.  Not because I don’t want to, though.  It’s just a mental process I’m working through.  I’ve been CK for 28 years!  Why does the woman have to change her name?  Should I hyphenate?  There are so many sides to take. 

Nevertheless, I’m going to make the change…soon.  But, I was wondering, maybe taking the husband’s last name isn’t such a big deal anymore.  Maybe it is.  I think the last three friends of mine who married have changed their names, and I don’t remember hearing any roadblocks to the decision.  Are there men out there that don’t care if their new bride takes a new last name or not?  Are there women who refuse to change their last name?  Why do some people hyphenate?  How come some women don’t think twice before changing their name?  What happens to my middle name?      

Well, sounds like a good time for a poll: (this is a new wordpress feature, actually, and I just wanted an excuse to try it out…so do it.  Take my dang poll!)