Well, that sums up our weekend.  At the last minute, that minute being Thursday morning, we packed up the Tacoma and headed to Nashville for B & K’s wedding.  We made it into Georgia by Thursday night; we camped at the Stephen C. Foster State Park, which was a very nice surprise 🙂  Deer, alligators, nice campsites…this place had it all.  And, we timed it just right to enjoy some seriously cool temps, like 50s (maybe even 40s in the middle of the night).  On a high note, though, I got my wish…I got to bust out those scarves after all 😉  

Anywho, we made it to Nashville just in time for the Rehearsal Dinner at B & K’s new crib (the cutest pile of bricks in Nashville!).  It was great to see all the fam, of course.  And, Saturday, we had some time to kill before the wedding so we took lil’ bro, P, and checked out downtown Nashvegas.  If you haven’t been to Nashvegas, I highly recommend it.  Even if you aren’t fond of country music.  Oh, and to boot, the weather was awesome.   In any event, we totally made like tourists and took our pictures on bridges and with plastic Elvis replicas and extremely large boots.  I’m not lying:


Then, the Wedding!  Great Success!  Both sides came to the table with a resounding “I will!” and it was a fantastic night at the Wild Turkey Ranch!  Amazing weather, chocolate cake, BBQ, Budweisers, family, horses….it was all perfect 🙂  Anywho, we’ve had a long drive back to Florida, so I’m hoping some pictures will speak a thousand and one words for me tonight….  And, to the new Bride & Groom, we love you and wish you the best!!!!