It’s really been an “endless” summer for us.  For almost an entire year now, we have been living in SUMMER.  (Err, well, except for the few weeks we traveled around the West Coast in late April…we had experienced some seriously cold temps then.) 

Aside from that, though, my feet haven’t been in anything more than flip-flops except to run/work-out.  My favorite jumpers (hoodies) have been in hiding.  The Uggs I bought are collecting dust.  

Today, though, Florida welcomed its first cold front!  Temps are dipping into the 60s today, and seriously, you would think Florida is the new Alaska.  South Floridians (not to be confused with North Floridians, who know what “cold” is) are busting out sweaters, windbreakers and scarves.  (Oh, how I truly miss scarves…perhaps, the only reason I want to leave Florida…I’ve amassed quite a nice little scarf collection and feel so sad it has to stay packed away.)  The newspaper is filled with tips on starting your heater and avoiding fires, and receipes for chili and stew.

I love Florida.


OH, and we VOTED yesterday!!  What a great feeling!!  And, even better, we only waited in line for about 45 seconds!