When was the last time you did 26.2 of…anything?!  Ummm…yeah.  Well, try RUNNING 26.2 MILES.  Wow…I just got winded typing that out.  Seriously, 26.2 miles.  I don’t even like to DRIVE 26.2 miles, let alone cover that amount of ground by foot. 

I guess that’s why I didn’t run a marathon this weekend.

But, my brother, CK2, did!!  That’s so awesome, and I want to give him a little shout out here!  He has been very dedicated – training for months (5 mile runs, then 10, a half-marathon, a 20-mile run…) – and his efforts finally culminated this weekend as he ran his first marathon – the Portland Marathon, which for the last decade has been ranked in the top 15 for best marathons in the country

In fact, between “Marathon” and “Crossfit,” my brothers are really making my exercising efforts pale in comparison.  I guess that’s what older brothers are for, huh?! 

If you see this guy on the streets of Portland, give him a high five: