I have never seen (in person) a President speak before, so I was really excited when I heard President Clinton was coming to Ft. Pierce today.  He is visiting Florida (Ft. Pierce today, Orlando later this week) to campaign on behalf of Democratic Presidnetial Nominee, Sen. Obama – and he did a great job showing his support!  He spoke not only of Obama, but also of Biden and the strengths he will bring to the table.  President Clinton also talked about the current economy (yes, the B word came out – “bailout”) as well as the importance of Florida voters in this election.  I loved hearing him speak; he was professional and charismatic at the same time, and his tone was as if it were just you and him, sitting over coffee, talking shop.  Genuine, passionate. 

But, my favorite line of his speech – “Hillary sent me.” 

The crowd (definitely in the thousands) was stoked (you could feel the energy and excitement), and it was great to see such diversity among the Obama supporters – young, old, veterans, white, black, men, women, children….  No amount of heat or humidity (and, believe me, there was both!) could keep the Obama/Clinton supporters away today!  The great location helped, too – at Marina Square in downtown Ft. Pierce, right on the river!  (Before today, the only thought I associated with “Ft. Pierce” was “Turnpike.”  In fact, downtown Ft. Pierce was easy on the eyes…but that’s another post…maybe.))