Well, looks like the U.S. economy, in its recession state, is not alone – New Zealand’s economy just dipped back into recession territory.  It’s been more than a decade since the Kiwi country has had a recession, and though it’s still really early in the game, New Zealand is already pointing fingers.  At who?  You guessed it.  The Aussies!

Australia is NZ’s biggest export market, and there was a drop in trade of items like wool, timber and seafood.  Nevertheless, this is by no means a signal of a recession for Australia.  In fact, despite higher food and petrol costs, their economy is boom-booming!  The country is benefitting from high prices of coal and iron ore, which they export to Asia.  Want more proof?!  Their banks cut interest rates on September 25, and they’re expected to do so again in another month!  Read the entire story here

Well, it sure seems like we should be looking up flights back to Australia, huh!?