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Can’t find a job?  High petrol prices got you down?  Foreclosing?  Sad as these situations may be, there’s always…booze.  The economy may be spiraling out of control, but alcohol sales are UP.  “In a downturn, folks will cut back first on other purchases before they give up booze,” says a story from the AP titled Consumers cutting back, but not on liquor

Well, duh!  We the people can’t be running around with sad faces on.  Frowns create wrinkles.  And, in this economy, We the people can’t afford superfluous purchases like Botox or $200 cannisters of anti-againg creams. 

So, smile we must.  And, drink we will.  My sangria is calling me.

It’s the hottest word around.  If Paris Hilton were a word, she’d be “change.”  But, not every mention of “change” need be associated with something political.  For instance, “change” brings to my mind a few different things today:

1. I found $0.32 in my purse today.  I can almost buy a Slurpee. 

2. JP is asking me when I’m going to become a Pace.  (Well, I guess right after you get that tat.)

3. I’ve run between 2 and 4 miles everyday this week, and I still weigh the same.  That’s good, I guess; it means I’m offsetting the Cape Cod chips & ice cream I keep eating. 

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