The other day my friend, SW, sent me a link to a blurb from the New York Times – The Words They Used.  Basically, they analyzed the number of times specific words were used by the candidates on both sides during the DNC and RNC.  The big “C” word (change, duh!) topped the list on the Dems side – no surprise there.  And, beating “tax(es)” a mere 42 to 43, it was “God” that squeezed into the #1 spot for the Republicans.  No surprise there, either. 

It’s important that during this election year, we the people listen closely to what the candidates are saying – the WORDS they use.  That means, when watching one speak, don’t get sucked into whether the crowd surrounding them was too dull or overly boisterous.  It doesn’t matter what graphics they choose to slap on the screen behind them.  Don’t look at what color or pattern their tie is.  Ignore their hairstyle.  And, pay no attention to the theme song being played when they stride on stage.       

Anywho, I just thought it was quite interesting, so now I’m sharing with you all 🙂  Check it out here.