Brace yourself for the apex of hurricane season!  Gustav and Hanna, now Ike and Josephine are on deck.  It’s starting to feel a little bit like 2004. 

Remember 2004?  There was Hurricane Charley, and then Frances, Ivan and Jeanne rolled through in less than a month’s time.  We were in Jacksonville at the time, and I remember losing our power for so long that the lack of AC was getting to ME.  In fact, it was so bad that I sat through that not-so-good Reese Witherspoon movie, Vanity Fair, just to enjoy the air condition. 

In any event, South Florida local newsies are probably head over heels to be reporting about something more than drive-by shootings and saggy pants-wearing hoodlums – even if it is to talk about a natural disaster.


In other news, we broke tradition in regard to the whole “save your cake top and eat it on your one-year anniversary.”  Actually, I wrapped it in foil and meant to google “freezing wedding cake” to see what the best method was.  In the end, though, I forgot to do it – so we just went ahead and ate it.  It was good, why let it go to waste and take up freezer space?  

And, I wanted to share with you all this awesome t-shirt I received as a gift from my friend Joanna.  MSCL fans rejoice!  This shirt rules!