I’m waiting for Sarah Palin to get on the mic at the Republican National Convention.  I want to hear what the mother of five with the perfectly-posed hair poof has to say about being running mate to one dinosaur John McCain.  (Hey, you have to hear both sides, right?!  Besides, don’t you want to know if Alaskans have an accent??!) 

In the meantime, while I don’t care what Rudy G. is babbling about, I’ll let out my two cents on the BIG DAY. 


Finally, it’s settling in.  We are LEGALLY bound to love each other now.  It’s all good, though.  The wedding was well worth it – BUT, I would hide in an underground bunker in the desert of a faraway land IF I had to do it again!!  Justin sums it up best, “The best night ever, that I never want to do again.”  Fo’ sho’.

Nevertheless, the chance to see so many members of our family was priceless.  And, to have as many friends around us as we did – well, it was exceptional!!!  In thinking back, we’re soo glad to have had a Friday night shin dig.  It meant that we had more time to spread out our Hellos and catching up with friends and family.  (Of course, we’re still reeling with thoughts of, “Did we talk to so-and-so?  What about so-and-so?“)  The Big Day came and went with the blink of an eye (OK, a very loooonnggg blink and one quite saturated with mojitos!)

Despite the fact that Fay forced us to move our wedding from Jupiter beach to an indoor spot and our Chaplain was running a little late, the wedding went off without a hitch.  The groom showed up.  The bride showed up.  We said YES.  Success!  And, the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa was a great!  First, as a wedding location, and then as a weekend hangout.  The sun showed up full force on Saturday, so we got to rendezvous with our friends & family at the beach and poolside all day! 

Anyway, enough with the words.  We picked up our professional pictures today, so I’ll let a few of them do some talking now (our photographer, Shelly, is a Jupiter, Florida local who I found thanks to my bro/sis who live semi-across the street from her!  *If you want her info, let me know.*):


***Check out a ton more wedding pics (not the professional, good ones!) by clicking here!!

***My friend, LL, just told me about Smilebox, so I am giving it a go as you’ll see below.  I probably wouldn’t normally use something like this, but she sent me her e-scrapbook filled with pics of her uber-cute baby.  Damn, babies!  Always making you do stuff!  Haha!

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