On Saturday night we saw My Morning Jacket at Orlando’s House of Blues.  I totally lost our tickets, which were mailed to me about a month ago, but I called Ticketmaster and they kindly replaced them – free of charge. 

But, before I comment on the show, I want to comment on the House of Blues’ “No Cameras” policy.  On one hand, it makes me mad.  What’s an event if I can’t take pictures!??  Do you know how many digital cameras were left home that night – sitting on the dresser, sad, wondering why they weren’t allowed to go out on this particular Saturday night.  On the other hand, it was quite nice to watch a show/concert without a million hands up in the air holding a camera and paparazzi flashing going on.

And, now back to the good stuff – My Morning Jacket rocked!  Jim James, lead vocals, was amazing.  I read numerous reviews of past concerts, all praising his talents, and now I know it’s true.  His voice is…hypnotic.  Soulful and rocker at the same time; a storyteller and a singer at once.  The entire band sounded incredible, and they played a lot of my favorite songs!  Some highlights: Off The Record, Librarian, Wordless Chorus (hearing the crowd sing along to the chorus was great!), Highly Suspicious, and Touch Me I’m Going To Scream. 

Oh, so glorious!  If only I had some pictures to share….