And now I digress on upcoming events. More specifically, getting married. Remember when high school graduation was around the corner, and everything was, “Oh, this is our last time skipping school together!” or “Can you believe this is our last high school party together?” Now, with my nuptials around the corner, friends are calling in to ask, “How was your last weekend being single?
We trade our Converse for high heels; our college sweats for work suits; and yes, eventually, our naked fingers for one particularly dressed ring finger. And, is it with that one particularly dressed ring finger that our life changes…a little bit? Somewhat? Significantly?
Will our single friends still want to hang out with us? Do we have to seek out more married friends? Will we each gain 25 lbs. and not even notice? Do we merge our CD collections and donate the duplicates? What if I want to change sides of the bed? Really important stuff here, people.
Of course, there’s no way of knowing all the answers. In fact, we don’t need to know all the answers. The experience of finding the questions is much more valuable.

Too much of no sound
uncomfortable silence can be so loud.

-lyrics from Miles Away on Madonna’s Hard Candy album