First, the Baby Boomers.  Then, Generation X.  Following suit, my generation, Generation Y.  Or, as I’ve renamed us – Generation CS.  As in, Call Screeners. 

At first, I used to think I was alone in my quest to screen phone calls while trying to act as if I really ‘missed’ the call.  I was in the mall and my phone must not get reception.  I didn’t hear my phone ring.  My phone must have been on vibrate.  And then, I took a deep breath and came clean – “Hello, my name is Cara, and I’m a call screener.”  But, my friends understood.  They simply started leaving more detailed messages.  They sent texts.  They emailed.  They roasted me on my own voicemail.  “Cara, I know you’re not busy right now, so you’re just call screening.  Whatever.  Anywho, I just heard the best 80s song on the radio, and it made me think of….” 

Before long, though, it seemed everyone caught the CS bug.  For some, it probably mutated out of sheer laziness.  I can’t get my phone – it’s in the other room.  Others, maybe they caught it at the local coffee shop or Subway.  I don’t know really.  But, it got out – and that’s totally cool.  Really, the anticipation of leaving a message is kind of exciting.  You never know what’s really going to come out of your mouth after that Beep!  In any event, as my friend, E, pointed out to me, we all really need to just come clean with it on our voicemail messages. 

“Hi, you’ve reached Cara.  I can’t get to my phone right now.  So if you leave me a message, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.”

“Hi, you’ve reached Cara.  I’m not picking up my phone, but it’s not because I don’t want to talk to you.  Anywho, if you leave me a message, I’ll definitely listen to it right away.  But, I probably won’t call you back…for at least a few days.”     

So, what would your voicemail really say?????