“New applications filed for unemployment benefits rose last week by…455,000…. That was the most since late March 2002.” –from newest Labor Department report

Well, suffice to say, we are not alone in our job hunting. That makes me feel better…just a little. In reality, though, it’s making us wish more than ever that we hadn’t left Australia yet.

On the very same day – August 7, 2008 – while US headlines read something like, “Jobless claims surge to highest level in 6 years,” Australia’s headlines boast “Strong Australian jobs growth surprises market.” I shit you not, I could not make this stuff up.

What’s to be made of some of our nation’s biggest companies making huge layoffs?! Starbucks, GM…even Bennigan’s! America, don’t you want your Chicken Finger Platters and Iced Mochas anymore?!! Order up! People need to work.

A bit disheartening, huh?! Nevertheless, not all is lost. We shall continue to up our spirits by keeping ourselves tan. Yes, tan. With Vitamin D on our side, we’re sure to stay standing tall (some studies say lack of the D can lead to osteoporosis and depression).