The above title is a quote by Miguel do Cervantes, a Spanish poet & author whose works include Don Quixote.  And, I couldn’t agree with his words more.

The other day while in Urban Outfitters, I heard some tracks from the She & Him album.  I’m not sure exactly how I came to know of She & Him, but I did, and that was sometime back while I was in Australia – maybe six months ago or so.  Anywho, I  hadn’t recalled hearing of the band before, and I really liked their sound (which is something of a mix of indie/country/pop).  THEN, I saw She & Him (who is musician M. Ward and actress Zooey Deschanel) doing promo on MTV, and a few days later while in Publix, I heard another She & Him track!  Publix!  

Now, normally, I would be semi-mad/sad that a song I initially liked and pegged ‘not for radio’ was actually on the tv/radio.  However, given the recent sounds I’ve picked up from the radio, I couldn’t be happier.  Have you turned on the radio lately?  Have you seen the list of the Top 40 music in the U.S. this week?  Read Billboard’s Hot 100 singles list here.  Ahhhhh….now you see why I welcome the sounds of She & Him to during my grocery shopping and clothing sprees.  And that’s not to say that I don’t think the playground with Rihanna, Chris Brown, The Pussycat Dolls and Young Jeezy wouldn’t be fun.  It’s just not…..not….what I want to hear.  Or, maybe I don’t mind hearing it – every now and again.  Not every hour.  When I eject a CD, the radio pops on for a second…and damn, if I don’t hear that I keep bleeding, I keep keep bleeding song at least 3 out of 5 times.  And it’s such an annoying song to get stuck in your head!!!

Frankly, popular music is shit these days – sure, not all of it…but, a lot of it.  But, maybe that’s just how the cycle goes.  Every generation hates the other in terms of at least one thing – music, fashion, drug of choice, tv shows.  It’s always something, right? 

I’ll get off my soapbox now. 

BUT – If you are looking for some maybe new-to-you and not-so-popular tunes and artists from varying genres, check some of these guys out:

Railroad Earth 

Vampire Weekend

Cut Copy  (Aussies who are breaking into the US scene now!)

Mishka  (You can almost feel a warm, Caribbean breeze in your face when you hear his music.)

My Morning Jacket  (Yaaa!  We’re going to see these guys at the end of August!)