On one hand, cable is a mind-numbing thing that renders your ass glued to the nearest couch. However, on the other hand, it’s an entertaining and more importantly, a learning opportunity. Case in point, our DVR list contains: Rob & Big (mind-numbing), Top Gear (entertaining, learning), The Girls Next Door (mind-numbing), and Three Sheets (entertaining, learning yet also a little mind-numbing).

The other day, we were watching Three Sheets, which is a show that airs on the MOJO channel. The host, Zane Lamprey, travels around the world to teach us about different countries and their drinking choices and customs. It’s great – it stirs up the desire to travel and learn about other places…but, it also makes you kind of thirsty.

So, after watching the episode of Three Sheets in Chile – we went out and bought some PISCO. What’s Pisco?, you ask. Well, Pisco is a clear fermented brandy, which is made from muscat grapes that are grown in two regions in South America. The first region is Pisco, Peru; the second is in central Chile. Hence, Peru and Chile have made Pisco their unofficial national drink.

How’s that for education?! Haha! If you’re adventurous, like to drink, or perhaps planning a trip to Chile or Peru, check out your local liquor store to see if they sell any Pisco. If you find a bottle, one of the most popular drinks is the Pisco Sour. (Though recipes vary, the main ingredients are Pisco, sugar, lime juice, egg whites and bitters.) Cheers!