Since we’ve been back in the ol’ U.S., we’ve had the chance to catch up with a lot of our friends – and it’s been awesome!!  We hit up Seattle to visit E + D; hung out in Cali with cousin T and my girlfriend KW; trekked to Tampa to see college mates O and KS and MA; and back in South Florida, we caught up with more high school friends R and CB.  

Whether we’ve caught up face-to-face or over the phone, it’s been great.  We have really, REALLY incredible friends – and I’m really proud of everyone.  And, at our wedding, all our circles of friends are going to cross – and many – for the first time.  College friends, let me introduce you to High School friends.  Post-college friends, meet College friends.  On top of that, our families are going to meet our friends.  My parents always told me, “I don’t worry about you, it’s who you’re hanging out with.” 

You know, we’re all growing up nicely 🙂  Our friends are, professionaly, in every nook – law, marketing, non-profit, education, construction, sales, PR, banking.  And, we have friends that make us laugh; friends that really “get” us; friends that provide sensible answers.  It’s also OK that we maybe don’t talk for days, weeks, or months, yet when we do, it’s like we never let a day pass.  What’s more, we respect each other.  We undestand that we’re all growing up, carrying more resonsibility, have our certain ways and ideals about things, and maybe even moving in different directions – and we just let that be.   

You know, despite any craziness and shenanigans we endured in high school or college (and there was definitely some craziness and shenanigans!), we’ve managed to make our way in the adult world.  I’m not sure what the turning point for ‘adulthood’ is exactly – is it your first job?  Your first real relationship?  Hitting a certain age? –  but, I think we’re all making our way just fine.